Spanish Courses

i.e. offers a range of course options. Remember, we are fully flexible. We can offer you just about anything you request. Popular choices include:

Immersion Courses

business spanish onlineFor the student who needs to learn quickly. Our Immersion course involves students undertaking an intensive 4-6 hours of lessons per day in individual clases. By fully immersing yourself you will be astounded at how fast you are able to aquire a new language!

Conversation Classes

spanish for vacationFor the student who understands the basics and wants to practice using the language. This style of classes is available in an individual setting with you and your teacher or in a group setting. Our teachers will help you talk like a native!

Business Spanish Online

business spanish onlineClasses can take place at work or at home, at the exact moment that suits the learner. Classes do not involve any travel to a language school or the generally high fees of individual tuition.

Traveling Spanish Lessons

internship onlinePractice your Spanish as your teacher takes you to exciting places around the city of La Paz. Visit museums, the famous cemetery, watch Cholita wrestling and much more. Our teachers are experts of the city and would love to help you explore!

Spanish for vacation

spanish for vacationOnline / On site course for anybody preparing for a holiday in Latin America or Spain. In just 20 hours you will be well-prepared to communicate in Spanish during your vacation. Online classes from the comfort of your home or office.